Guard Dogs

A guard dog can be a very useful extra layer of security for any construction site. We take using dogs very seriously, both ensuring you have the right solution for your particular situation and also that the dog itself is well looked after.

A different breed for different requirements

Biosite Security has access to a wide range of different breeds of dogs depending on the type of assignment. We have search dogs, tracking dogs and general guard dogs which work perfectly for the UK construction market. We’ll provide a dog and handler to the site if you decide another breed would work better you can let us know.

Registered NASDU Members

NASDU promotes Welfare, Standards, Training and Education within the Security Dog Sector and offers support and guidance to its membership.
NASDU is recognised within the security industry by the Security Industry Authority (S.I.A.)*, Skills for Security, BSIA, IPSA together with the Home Office, ACPO, MOD, DEFRA, BSI, as well as Animal Welfare Groups like local Authority Dog Wardens.

Health and Safety Scrutiny

Health and Safety is important but even more important when you have animals working on site. We produce site-specific RAMS for each and every site along with an in-depth set of assignment instructions. Welfare is provided for the dogs and we have strict rules when working around the general public or on the UK construction sites. Ask us for how we enforce strict health and safety on our sites.

Signage and Visible Patrols

We provide A2 signage to all sites whether they are guarded by people or dogs. These signs are erected on site perimeters or hoarding. They work as a deterrent and prevent the opportunistic thief. A wide range of different signage is available to our customers, ask us about these when you get your quote.

Vacant Property & Mobile Response

The vast majority of UK construction is based on land which already holds a building. These buildings are usually the property of a company and therefore a commercial asset. In the short time between land acquisition and demolition and development, we are routinely asked to provide guards or dog handlers to protect sites from squatters or intruders looking for profitable materials.