When work on a site is complete and buildings become occupied, this can often be an overlooked time, but looking after the residents and providing a smooth handover is vital. A Concierge can make a huge difference to the new occupiers and can be a great asset when it comes to solving those inevitable little issues that always arise.

Smooth Handover

Having a person on site – especially out of hours – who can support the new residents as they settle in can make a great difference. A Concierge acts as a point of contact with a friendly face who bridges the gap and allows for a smooth handover, ensuring that any unforeseen issues are dealt with very easily.

Peace of Mind

No matter what the building, there will always be some part that the occupiers are unsure about or will have questions about when they move in. Our Concierges are always on hand to provide that support, giving both the contractor and the residents peace of mind that problems or queries can get sorted.

Extra Assistance

Our Concierges will have the contact details of the relevant contractors so that they can easily solve issues. Whether it’s a leaky tap, a faulty socket or just an issue with how to work the thermostat, the Concierge can help new residents settle in and will have the right information to offer any assistance that’s require.